We specialise in expert B2B content

Contelia’s team will ensure high-quality B2B marketing materials that will attract visitors to your website, capture their minds and hearts, and turn them into long-term business partners. 

We provide content marketing resources and design that supports your team in reaching different audiences, at any business opportunity. The different forms we use are always tailored to your intent and channel of choice.

See what B2B marketing services we offer:

content strategy

tone of voice

plain language

web copy & design

case studies


ESG reports

white papers


social media posts



interactive PDF-s

advertising banners

pitch decks

scripts and scenarios

Marta and Grazyna are very creative, which I greatly appreciate. Through our cooperation, I understood that creating content is an ongoing process. Our existing clients now see us in a different light, but our own perspective has also changed. Now, we approach things with a broader mind, thinking not only about what we can create from scratch, but also what we can adapt. This point of view is formed as we talk through different topics and then write about them.


Jacek Nowak

CEO CCA Europe