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Guidebook Great – Taste Zero Waste | EIT Food & Danish Cultural Institute

Great Taste Zero Waste Manifesto | EIT Food & Danish Cultural Institute 

We compiled and edited the content of the online guide based on information prepared by an international group of HoReCa experts. 

About EIT Food & Danish Cultural Institute 

The European Institute of Technology (EIT) Food coordinates activities that enhance skills and promote entrepreneurship in the European agricultural sector.  

The Danish Cultural Institute promotes Danish values and ways of dealing with some of the challenges of globalization. 

The challenge 

Great Taste Zero Waste is an international project to promote practices that reduce food waste in the HoReCa sector. The team, made up of representatives from EIT Food and the Danish Cultural Institute, asked us for editorial support. They commissioned us to compile the content proposed by industry experts and arrange it  into an online guide. The purpose of the guide was to share knowledge and experiences among HoReCa professionals of Europe. 

The Manifesto was to be an online guide, and our task was to organize, complete and edit the guidelines and tips of a dozen industry experts from across Europe. This guide took several months to prepare, and ca. 80 hours of editing and organizing the content. 

As part of works on theGreat Taste Zero Waste Manifesto project: 

– We proposed a structure and content plan of the guide 

– We organized the collected expert tips, assigning them to appropriate categories 

– We edited the first version of the principles and tips in English 

– We edited the first version of the Manifesto’s introduction in English 

– We made editorial corrections in English to the Manifesto (several rounds) 

– We prepared the Polish version of the Manifesto 

People involved: representatives of EIT Food & Danish Cultural Institute. 

Effect: an online guide for the HoReCa industry in Europe. 

See the Great Taste Zero Waste Manifesto. 



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