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Original ebook presenting case studies of the use of DXP platforms


About e-point

e-point SA is a Polish software house, established in 1996. The company specializes in complex, international IT projects for the financial industry and e-commerce (B2B and B2C). It creates, develops and maintains portals and sales support platforms. It also provides mobile solutions (Progressive Web Applications) and identity & access management systems (IAM).

The challenge

e-point approached us with the proposal to develop an expert publication on an emerging technology (DXP).

The scope of work for e-point included:

  • Proposing a content plan based on in-depth research
  • Developing the content of the report and proposing its design elements

Behind-the-scenes of report creation for e-point:

  1. We met on an internal videocall with the e-point team.
  2. Based on research, we prepared drafts of individual chapters and submitted them for technical review.
  3. We prepared the final version, taking into account clarifications and corrections by the client.

People involved: members of the e-point marketing team

Effect: ebook discussing the benefits of DXP platforms

See the ebook “Digital Experience Platforms: otherworldly customer experience”

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