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An educational brochure for the sales department

About Beyond.pl

Beyond.pl is the safest data center in Central Europe.  It operates two modern core and hyper-edge facilities located in Poznan, Poland. It is the only data center in Central Europe that meets stringent security requirements in terms of design, mechanics, power supply and telecommunications. Beyond.pl services are used by both global and Polish companies, representing media, financial, medical, IT, telecommunications, e-commerce and production sectors.

The challenge

Beyond.pl has the highest ANSI/TIA-942 security certification standard. Their Rated 4 certificate ensures that the datacenter provides the highest level of security, integrity and redundancy available in the datacenter solutions industry. However, the advantages of ANSI/TIA-942 certification are not well known on the Polish market. Moreover, the certificate is issued by a recognized ANSI organization, but it is confused with another commercial certificate. Our task was to explain the difference between the two certificates to help Beyond.pl clients make well-grounded business decisions.

As part of cooperation with Beyond.pl:

  • We conducted in-depth research to map the persona and the challenge, to which the brochure is to answer.
  • We proposed the concept of the text and design elements.

Behind-the-scenes of content creation for Beyond.pl:

  1. We meet on an introductory videocall with Beyond.pl team.
  2. We conducted research and presented the concept of the brochure based on insights.
  3. Based on research, we prepared a draft and submitted it for technical review.
  4. We transcreated the text into English.

People involved: Beyond.pl marketing department

Effect: appealing educational brochure in Polish and English.

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