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Expert report based on data collected by a research company

About EIT Food Poland

EIT Food Co-Location Center North-East was established in Warsaw in 2017. It coordinates EIT’s activities in Central and Eastern Europe. Partners from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Hungary and Poland are working to make the food chain in this region more efficient, safe and trustworthy. EIT Food supports entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector to ensure a healthier lifestyle for all Europeans.

The challenge

EIT Food partnered with an external research company and a group of Polish experts in the world of gastronomy to capture the state of Polish gastronomy after the pandemic and the main directions of changes taking place in the sector. The research company identified challenges and opportunities during co-creative workshops. Our task was to properly present the effects of joint work of researchers and industry leaders.

As part of cooperation with EIT Food Poland:

  • We proposed a content plan based on best practices in reporting.
  • Developing the content of the report and proposing its design elements

Behind-the-scenes of report creation:

  1. We met several times on internal videocalls with representatives of EIT Food Poland.
  2. Based on research, we prepared drafts of individual chapters and submitted them for technical review.
  3. We prepared the final version, taking into account clarifications and corrections by the client.

People involved: representatives of EIT Food Poland

Effect: expert report “Direction: Restaurant of the future” in two language versions (English and Polish).

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