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We support a research and design studio in reaching B2B customers


About Workplace

Workplace is an architectural studio specializing in holistic office design. They combine research and design skills in architecture, space planning and wayfinding. Their holistic design process is based on understanding people’s needs and their clients’ business goals.

The challenge

The Workplace team had neither the resources nor the time to turn their specialist know-how into case studies. From month to month, newly completed projects, full of interesting details and plot twists, were waiting for a proper presentation.

A successful single project implemented in 2020 sparked a more regular cooperation since 2021. Workplace team began to entrust us with further case studies and blog posts. We were also commissioned transcreation into English and supported the team in presenting their work in industry competition applications.

The scope of work for Workplace includes:

  • Sourcing information from Workplace team, their clients and end users.
  • Proposing a text concept that reflects the project’s character.
  • Creating valuable educational content that positions Workplace as a leading design studio on the Polish market.
  • Using plain language.
  • Showcasing the knowledge and experience of Workplace architects on specific examples.


Behind-the-scenes of content creation for Workplace:

  1. We meet on an introductory videocall with team.
  2. We prepare a draft and submit it for technical review.
  3. We meet on a videocall with Workplace’s client.
  4. We prepare the final version, taking into account clarifications and corrections by the client.
  5. We submit the text for approval by Workplace and authorization by the client.
  6. When all is ready, we proofread the text and submit it for publication.
  7. In the case of the English version, we rewrite the text in English, and have it proofread by a US native speaker.

People involved: CEO and Workplace’s leading architects, project managers and end users on the client’s side.

Effect: increased the number of content projects, from one per month to one per week.

Contelia is our partner in creating and delivering our content concepts. I appreciate that Marta and Grażyna are well organized and that they clearly communicate whether they can handle the task or not, and when. I like that our briefings are concise and regardless whether I had time to prepare for the meeting, or not, they always find their footing in the provided context. With each new text, you can see that they know more and more about us, and the industry.

Bogusz Parzyszek, CEO Workplace

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